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Have been a member of the Nazarene church ever since the pastor in Santa Maria in 1963 counseled me on how to quit smoking. With the help of God and the counseing received from the pastor I have never had another cigarette. I was also SS treasurer at the time in a job that did not directly interface with other church attendees and I think because of that they allowed me to fill the position. In the church I attended all my life till then I would not have been allowed to hold such a position. Now I have been a member of a local Nazarene church all the time sence then, Waltham Mass, Denver Colo, Albuqueque NM and here in Lompoc. And soon I expect to get back to nventoring the library as we get back to outreach again as the COVID is put in its place.

Richard Larson

Richard Larson

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